Our four elements

A unique blend of factors you will find nowhere else in the world
Panama Geisha’s whole production grows strictly around the Barú Volcano, Panama’s tallest peak.  This high elevation and fertile land creates a unique environment for our exceptional coffee. A coffee with characteristics that are so extraordinary and unique that baristas and experts around the world considered it in a class by itself.
The powerful tropical sun impacts our Panama Geisha production at a near 90º inclination. Its rays provide our crops the light and energy to produce a delicate, aromatic coffee with a honey and citrus taste that is unparalleled to any other in the world. 
Panama is famous for uniting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans through the Panama Canal. But this narrow country also merges their winds. Our Panama Geisha production breaths this unique air blend creating a coffee with a floral aroma and taste that has conquered experts’ palates all over the planet.
The “bajareque” is Panama’s highlands characteristic drizzle. It sprinkles our Panama Geisha crops most of the year with a delicate velvet rain creating a special moisture that produces a coffee that is both light-bodied and yet outstanding in character.