• Adriana Candanedo

The tasting of the best coffee in Panama begins...

With the keenness of all their senses, 21 judges from different parts of the world begin this Wednesday, May 22, the tasting of 78 samples of the best coffee in Panama.

This tasting is part of "The Best of Panama", in its twenty-third version, which serves as a guide for the next virtual auction, where Panamanian grain has reached record prices in the world market.

Plinio Ruiz, president of the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama, announced the details of this tasting, which captures the interest of coffee markets around the world.

"Judges from countries in Asia, Europe, America and Australia have arrived," said Ruiz.

Prior to this international tasting, 18 national judges had the responsibility of selecting the coffee lots with the highest score, last week.

There are 24 lots of coffee in the category "washed geisha", 24 of "geisha with processes", 10 of traditional washed coffee, another 10 of traditional coffees with processes, nine samples of coffee "pacamara with processes" and a sample of coffee " Pacamara washed. "

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